Payment Requirments

What is Bringmea?

Bringmea is the first Australian 24/7 on demand delivery service delivering whatever, whenever. Whatever you need, wherever it is, Bringmea will deliver it. Wether you are after every day items such as groceries, food or necessities from your local store or if you need a personal item delivered from one location to another, Bringmea will bring it to you.

How Fast Can Bringmea Deliver?

The delivery window depends on the distance between the pick up and drop off location and how long it will take for the item to be prepared/picked up from the pick up location. You can also choose 'Bring me it now' OR 'Bring me it later'. Offering scheduled and on demand delivery, Bringmea wil deliver anything you need within a 24 hour window.

How Much Does Bringmea Cost?

Bringmea aims to be the most affordable on demand delivery service. Charges are based on a km radius and start at as little as $2.99.

Is Bringmea Safe?

All of our bringa’s maintain safe practices in the handling of food items and goods. For due diligence and quality assurance, with Bringmea customers are able to see their item when it is picked up by a photo and also at the delivery point. The item is also tracked using live GPS from the pick up point at the beginning of the journey and the end. All merchants comply to Australian business standards, compliance and legislations.

How Does It Work?

1. Select which delivery service you require (item, grocery, food or store delivery)
2. Enter your destination and pay the delivery fee
3. Our 'Bringa's' (delivery partners) will bring it to you!

Bringmea delivers whatever you need, whenever you need it. Wether you are craving something to eat from your local restaurant, need groceries collected or an item delivered - simply download the app, place your order and wait for your item to be prepared and delivered.

What Can I Get Delivered?

Bringmea delivers whatever, whenever, wherever. As long as the item is less than 20 kg, (legal of course), and fits in a car, or on the back of a bike we’ll bring it!

How Do I Pay?

If the customer is purchasing item(s) on the platform once the items have been add to the user's cart, the customer will input the delivery details on the checkout page. The estimated fare is calculated based on the distance for a driver to make the delivery from pickup point a to delivery point b as input by the customer. The delivery fee, GST, and toll routes are then added in addition to the total price. The final delivery cost is then calculated by the apps AI and added to the total cost of the item invoice. The user can then pay for the delivery using the secure payment gateway.

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