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fulfillment services


Our t-shirt printing & fulfillment services are best suited for clients that have been able to demonstrate a high-volume order history. It is meant for those of you who don’t have the space, the means or the desire to run a fully-functional distribution center.

Fulfillment Benefits

  • Pick/Pack & Ship your orders

  • Worldwide Shipping

  • Store your inventory from any supplier

  • Connect our software to your online store's API

  • Automatically share tracking numbers with your customers

  • Store customer support included

Fulfillment is a game-changer for anyone who’s shipping t-shirts, or any other type of merchandise. Whether it be for your online t-shirt shop, or for sending t-shirts to your business customers, our fulfillment service relieves a lot of the pain related to storing and shipping your t-shirts, sweaters, hats or anything else you might be selling.

Cardboard Boxes

Your personal fulfillment team

When you use our fulfillment services, we become part of your team. We have a staff of dedicated people who treat your inventory like our own, quickly filling orders and getting your shirts and merch boxes packed up and delivered.

save money

We pass on our bulk shipping & packaging discounts to you so you can save on your inventory.

ship nationwide

With various carriers, we have a shipping option to grow your brand nationally.

save time & effort

Put your effort where it matters most by letting us pack and ship your orders for you.

Quick turnaround

Over 95% of our shipments ship within 5 days, without delays and always happy customers.

Cart integration

We integrate with all major shopping cart platforms and update your system in real-time.

Hit our API

If you want to get a little more custom or technical, hit our API direct or through Zapier.

Create a form

We can create and host a form for you to share. This is great for thank-you shirts to prospects or new customers.

Not ready yet?

Talk to our team! We'd love to walk you through other options and help however we can.

ready to get


We have every tool, every function and every thing you’ll need to start filling orders fast, efficiently and effectively. Fill out the form below to get things moving.

ways to use fulfillemnt

When a company offers fulfillment services, also known as dropshipping, it means that they will store all of your product for you, and handle all of the packing and shipping that comes with it. So if you’re shipping t-shirts around the country, order fulfillment would eliminate the headache of storing, packing, and shipping your t-shirts when you make a sale. 

Sell products online

Spend time selling rather than shipping. Connect your store, and we'll store, pack, and ship all of your orders.

Design T-Shirts

Send customer orders

Whether its a single t-shirt or a bulk order, we’ll get your customers their orders quickly and correctly.

Fragile Mail

Send team


We can fulfill swag kits and other items for new employees, recruits, and volunteers.


integrate your shop

Our system seamlessly integrates with all of the major platforms. Choose what works best for you and get started.

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learn more about fulfillment

Fill out one simple form and we'll
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