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Custom High Visibility Apparel

Who is Custom Hi Vis Apparel recommended for?

· Road Construction Crews · Law Enforcement · Parking Lot Attendants · EMTs & First Responders · Toll Booth Operators · Fire Fighters · Delivery Drivers · Towing Personnel · Cargo Loading Personnel · Auto Accident Investigators · Warehouse Employees · School Crossing Guards · Utility Workers · Airport Ground Crew · Survey Crews · Hunters

How should I pick High Visibility Colors?

When choosing your hi-vis colors, you’ll want to take the environment that your team is working in into consideration. The color of your safety apparel should contrast with the surroundings as much as possible. Typically, high visibility apparel is either lime green or bright orange, so if your team is working in an environment with a lot of green then orange is probably the better choice. That is why most high vis hunting apparel is orange instead of lime green. If your team is working outside at night, lime green is recommended over bright orange in the dark. It is also smart to add a reflective film or reflective tape to your hi-vis workwear to enhance nighttime visibility. High vis apparel is actually required to have retroreflective material in order to satisfy ANSI Class 3 Garment regulations.

What types of High Visibility Apparel are available?

Aside from staying visible, your hi-vis apparel should also be appropriate for the weather. Lightweight high visibility vests and hi-vis shirts work great for the hot summer months but won’t cut it in the winter. That’s why we also offer heavyweight hi-vis jackets, beanies, face masks, and cold weather pants. If your team works outside year round, make sure they have custom safety apparel for whatever nature throws their way.

What about meeting ANSI High Visibility Apparel Standards?

he American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Accessories has established a set of regulations to keep workers safe that employers must comply with. High Vis apparel is broken down into 3 Performance Classes based on the work environment. Performance Class 1 Garments – apparel in this class is fluorescent and highly visible but does not need to cover much of the body or be retroreflective. Examples of Class 1 Garments are hi vis safety vests, shirts, hats and outerwear that are one solid hi vis color. Performance Class 2 Garments – this is considered the minimum level of visibility protection for those working in a roadway or public safety environments. The hi vis garment must cover a larger portion of the body than Class 1 Garments. Performance Class 3 Garments – this category of safety apparel is reserved for those in the highest risk work environments. Class 3 Garments must have retroreflective material throughout the garment and must cover the arms and legs. Safety vests alone do not qualify as a Class 3 garment.

Can you explain types of Custom Hi-Vis Apparel by Application?

So how do you know what Performance Class is right for your business? The ANSI breaks down high-visibility apparel into 3 different types: off-road, roadway and public safety. These application distinctions serve as the baseline for determining what ANSI/ ISEA Performance Class you are required to meet. Performance Class 1 safety apparel is only suitable for workers working in an off-road environment. Workwear for roadway or public safety applications must meet either Performance Class 2 or 3 regulations depending on the amount of background fabric of the garment. Type O (“off-road”) Applications Include… -Workers retrieving shopping carts from parking areas -Warehouse employees in warehouses with heavy equipment traffic -Workers in fossil fuel extraction, refinery, and mining Type R (“roadway”) Applications Include… -Roadway construction workers -Parking Attendants -Toll Gate Operators -School Crossing Guards -Towing Drivers & Staff -Airport Ground Crew Type P (“public safety”) Applications Include… -Law Enforcement -EMTs -First Responders -Firefighters -Road Closure Personnel -Auto Accident Investigators

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