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4 Reasons Corporate Apparel Should Be Part of Your Marketing Budget

Being a business owner is expensive, and most look for ways to ensure every dime spent is genuinely worthwhile. When it comes time to review your marketing budget for the year, you may be tempted to avoid including money for corporate apparel to cut costs. But, here are four reasons why logo apparel is an important part of your marketing strategy.

It is cost-effective.

When you see that bill for logo shirts for your employees, it may look pretty big. But, if you compare that bill to one for a television or print ad campaign, it looks pretty small. Many business owners, however, fail to make this comparison; because they don’t see the value of logo clothing the same way they see the value of an ad campaign.

It is effective advertising.

Shirts and hats bearing your company’s logo provide consistent advertising. People see these items regularly, and take note of your company name subconsciously, even when they may not consciously remember. This is the basis behind much of advertising’s psychology, and it’s easily accomplished by putting those logo shirts on the street for both employees and clients.

It improves employee morale.

Employees love having clothing that bears the name of their employer. Wearing your company name creates pride and a team spirit among co-workers. Employees view the shirts as a gift and are happy to receive these. Employees also wear their shirts outside of work, further increasing your advertising capability.

Clients love giveaways.

Corporate apparel for client giveaways is an important part of your marketing budget, too. Clients and potential clients love gifts, so providing there is a great way to improve client relationships and perception of your brand. Client giveaways need not always be expensive, either. Some items, like baseball caps, are very affordable and still loved by clients.

Your marketing budget is an important part of promoting your business. While it must be in line with your overall spending, it is critical to review the items in your budget with respect to how effective each is in supporting your marketing strategy. At All-County Apparel, we have a wide variety of apparel items from which to choose. We can help you to create a corporate apparel strategy that promotes your business while minding your pennies.


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