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With the emergence of the coronavirus and as more people work from home, cancel events and self-quarantine, the effect on small businesses could be devastating.

Of course the best way to support a small business is to shop there often. But, with increased social distancing and less and less people going out to shop, there are also many ways to help your favorites without buying anything at all. Below is a list of ways you can show your love and make a big impact on small businesses! (Some you can do RIGHT NOW!)

1. Write a Review

Telling others about a great experience you’ve had at a small business is a huge way to support them. Your comment could be a deciding factor on someone else looking to do business with them for the first time. How often do you look for reviews before making a buying decision? Probably often. But when was the last time you wrote a review for a business or experience you enjoyed? If you have a favorite small business (or a few) you love to support, tell the world and write them a review!

2. Like, Comment & Share

Social media is so important to small businesses. Actively following and engaging on a small business’ social media helps build their audience and potential customers. Follow their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and be sure to ‘like’, comment, and share their posts! You can even take it a step further by taking/posting photos and tagging their page when you visit them or receive a finished product. This helps new audiences see their content, spreads their name, and may interest others to give them a try! Posts with higher engagement rates show up more often in people’s news feeds, so by simply liking or commenting on a small businesses post you’re helping them get seen!

3. Use Their Promo Products

If you’ve received a promotional product from one of your favorite small businesses… use it! Wear that t-shirt when you can, drink your morning coffee out of their mug, or take notes with their pen! Whatever it may be, you will be helping their logo and information get in front of potential new customers. Spread the love! 

4. Referrals

If the opportunity to refer a small business you’ve enjoyed working with comes up, share their name and contact information! Word of mouth and personal referrals help build trustworthy buzz, and can bring new prospects to the business. Small business owners really appreciate it!

5. Send Them a Message

Small business owners are some of the hardest working people! Sometimes it can feel like all their hard work goes unnoticed. If you really love what a small business is doing, share it with them. You are the reason why they do what they do, and hearing from you would put a smile on their face!

Not only does supporting small business benefit the economy, but you are also giving small business owners the opportunity to live out their dreams every day. These shops add personality and life to their local communities, as well as job opportunities for people!

THANK YOU for supporting our small business (hint: you’re doing so just by reading this blog!) We appreciate the encouragement and positiveness we receive from our clients and community. Because of you, we get to continue doing what we love!


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