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Advantages of Using Custom Work Shirts for Your Company

Apparel with your company’s logo is a great, low-cost way to improve your company’s image and enhance employee morale. Whether your employees deal directly with customers or with other businesses, custom branded apparel can add value for your business or organization.

Develop Brand Recognition

Public relations and advertising firms talk about impressions. Every time a customer sees your logo, you are impressing your brand on his or her mind. The more customers see your logo, the more likely it is they will remember your company.

Unlike television and radio commercials, or internet ads, logo apparel isn’t perceived as overt advertising. It leaves a subtle, but powerful impression as it helps identify your employees in the field or in your store. It’s a less intrusive way of promoting your business that’s both effective and affordable.

Whether you prefer uniforms, tees, jackets, or caps, you can develop and strengthen brand recognition when you use logo apparel to promote your business.


Having employees wear your logo increases the visibility of your brand. Service industries often provide employees with embroidered uniforms or baseball caps. Restaurant servers frequently wear logo embroidered golf shirts. Having your logo always visible reinforces your company’s brand identity.

Sense of Community

Wearing company apparel with a logo helps customers identify your employees. It also helps create a sense of community within your organization. It promotes employee pride, as well as interaction and collaboration.

Companies often give logo apparel to employees in recognition of service, such as on the one-year or five-year anniversary of employment.

Custom screen-printed t-shirts are used to promote special activities and charity events. Having all members of a team wear a t-shirt designed especially for that event creates a connection among participating employees.

Credibility and Trust

Company work shirts that identify employees as members of your organization can help to instill trust and credibility. For many in service industries, establishing this level of professionalism makes an impression that translates to a positive perception of your business.

Every business is different, but there are countless varieties of custom apparel options available to help you maximize your impressions. It's clear that custom company shirts are an amazing tool for any business that wants to promote their brand and keep customers coming back. From using employee uniforms to social media incentives, loyalty gifts, and special events - each use is sure to be just as effective in building your brand as the next. If you're looking to make a lasting impression on current and potential clients while simultaneously representing your business then customized apparel from All-County Apparel is the way to go! Personalization of your logoed apparel increases customer connection with the product and boosts local recognition for any business. Not only this but branded apparel lasts for years when properly cared for, giving you the reliability you need for products that increase customer loyalty. The logistics are simple, check out All-County Apparel for all your logoed apparel needs! Reach out now for a quote and start branding today.


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