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LODI, NJ – July 10, 2023 – All-County Apparel, a quickly-growing East Coast screen printing and embroidery company, is thrilled to announce an investment exceeding $1 million for the addition of advanced automation machinery and embroidery equipment in its production facility. This strategic move underlines the company's commitment to technological innovation, operational efficiency, and heightened production capacity.

"In order to stay ahead in the competitive landscape and consistently hit deadlines while deliver top-notch quality, embracing cutting-edge technology is essential," stated Ryan Monteyne, Vice President of Operations for All-County Apparel. "This substantial investment in automation aligns with our dedication towards innovation, ongoing enhancement, and our relentless effort to meet and exceed our customers' evolving expectations."

All-County Apparel's facility upgrade will witness the integration of pioneering technologies, including the Bluewater Labs Developer and Reclaim series of machines, the Quik Kleen from M&R Printing, the Dispense Master 4, additional Douthitt CTS units, and the ROQ Fold. These high-tech systems promise enhanced speed and precision, shorter turnaround times, and a considerable improvement in product quality.

The introduction of these state-of-the-art technologies won't supersede the existing workforce; instead, it will provide opportunities for employees to enhance their skills. All-County Apparel is committed to investing in its workforce by facilitating comprehensive training to enable them to effectively operate these new systems and significantly contribute to the company's success.

"This investment is not about substituting humans with machines, but about empowering our team with advanced tools to boost productivity and efficiency," Monteyne clarified. "The decision is a strategic one that prepares us for future advancements, reiterates our commitment to our employees, and ensures that we continue to deliver exceptional quality and service to our customers."

The installation of the innovative machinery will kick off in August and is projected to be fully operational by the October 1st. In addition to the automation-related machinery, the company is adding 36 heads of embroidery and an additional 25,000 sq feet of warehouse space. Once these systems are all up and running, All-County Apparel will significantly ramp up its production capabilities and improve efficiencies.

About All-County Apparel

All-County Apparel is a screen printing and embroidery decorator based in Northern New Jersey. The company's commitment to quality service and strategic growth has enabled them to grow into one of the largest custom apparel decorators on the East Coast. For more information, visit


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