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Brand Spotlight: TravisMathew

Golfing apparel and business have a long-standing relationship. After-work meetings on the green and golf course negotiations may no longer be part of your regular routine, but the fashion of golf still holds sway in modern office wear. Even if you're not an avid golfer, you can still enjoy wearing a high-quality golf polo shirt for work!

The TravisMathew Brand offers top-of-the-line custom pieces for those who know how to strike a balance between work and play. This premier brand will make an impression at golf events and leave lasting impressions with corporate gifts. From polo shirts to hats, you can easily customize your design with either a company logo or corporate embroidery to create a one-of-a-kind look that sets you apart from the rest. No matter if you're hitting the golf course or clocking in for a long day at the office, TravisMathew has something for everyone! Get outstanding personalized items with TravisMathew.

Custom logo golf apparel remains a popular choice for many businesses, from custom company polos to promotional items like custom golf hats. That's why we offer TravisMathew clothes and corporate apparel on our site with our easy online ordering and customization process.

When you're putting together your custom order, it's important to get the details right! Golf shirts and polo shirts have become somewhat indistinguishable in the apparel industry. Golf shirts generally feature looser fits in the sleeve with a compression sleeve cinch, a pocket, and a flat collar. The unique golf sleeve design is said to improve your swing and aid blood circulation. Meanwhile, polo shirts may look very similar but usually come with a less tailored collar, lack pockets, and can be made more form-fitted overall.

TravisMathew shirts, hats and jackets are all available with custom logos. This premier golf brand has gained huge popularity in a short time because of its refreshed classic style and superior materials. And with their assortment of well-crafted clothing - you'll never be too hot or too cold!

Finding the right corporate gift or apparel item is easy with company-branded TravisMathew apparel. We have something for everyone - from golfers and sales reps to trendsetters looking for TravisMathew Polos, Jackets, Hats, and more. Shop the full customized TravisMathew collection now at All-County Apparel for amazing savings on high-quality apparel!


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