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Create a Safe and Stylish Look with Custom Safety Vests

Safety vests are essential for any industrial workspace and look even better when branded with your company logo. Custom safety vests are a great way to keep employees safe and show off your brand. Before designing, consider the ways in which you can place your logo for maximum visibility and impact. Here are six options for logo placement on custom safety vests from All-County Apparel:

  1. Chest: Placing the logo or design directly onto the chest is one of the most common logo placement options for safety vests. This provides great visibility and gives your vest an authentic, professional look that's sure to last through many wears.

  2. Shoulder: Similar to chest patching, shoulder patches also provide good visibility while creating a unique look that stands out in a crowd.

  3. Back: The back patch is perfect if you want a more subtle logo option but still want to keep your branding front and center at all times. It's also ideal for those who prefer single-color logos or designs without any background color filling in the letters or shapes of the design elements.

No matter what kind of company logo you have in mind, All-County Apparel has everything you need when it comes to custom safety vests – from embroidery techniques and HTV applications to heat press printing options – they've got it all! Start designing yours today and take your industrial apparel game up a notch!


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