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Customized Patagonia Apparel is Back: The Impact of Patagonia's Decision to Allow Brand Decoration

In an exciting new development for businesses, Patagonia has announced that it is now allowing brand embroidery on its products again. This is excellent news for companies who have been looking for a high-quality brand for their promotional items.

Previously, Patagonia had stopped accepting all new orders for brand embroidery in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the company has now resumed its embroidery services, and businesses can directly order products from the brand again.

Patagonia is a popular brand known for its eco-friendly practices and high-quality products that cater to those who love the outdoors. This announcement will allow businesses to create customized and promotional clothing items using Patagonia's products that speak to the values of their organization.

Businesses can now order a wide range of product styles, from outerwear to accessories, and customize them with their organization's branding or design. Patagonia will embroider your logo or design and ship the product directly to you. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to create promotional items, but it is also a chance to invest in stylish, high-quality clothing for your employees or customers.

In conclusion, Patagonia's decision to allow brand embroidery on its products again is exciting news for businesses. This development provides an opportunity for companies to create custom and eco-friendly clothing items that represent their brand's values. Get in touch with All-County Apparel to learn how you can personalize Patagonia products to represent your brand.


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