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How Safety Uniforms Can Improve Workplace Safety Beyond High-Visibility

Wearing safety uniforms in a construction site or in a work area with heavy equipment may seem like a no-brainer. No one wants to see their employees get hurt, after all. Injured employees also mean lost productivity for the business; injured workers were out for an average of four days in 2014.

However, safety uniforms including cotton safety shirts, high visibility fleece jackets, high visibility pants, and high visibility long sleeve shirts can do more for your workers than protect them from heavy operating equipment and vehicles on the worksite.

Safety uniforms can also increase your brand’s recognition, make your employees feel great, and most importantly they can promote safety in the workplace. Here are four ways safety uniforms can improve the safety among your workers, not just for your workers:

Visibility Visibility is incredibly important when it comes to safety appeal. This is because workplace vehicles and those operating heavy machinery may not be able to see their other workers on the ground. Therefore, safety apparel should be brightly colored and reflective depending on the work environment.

Cleanliness Wearing a work uniform can make you feel important as a representation of your workplace. Therefore, workers who are in work apparel are more likely to wash their hands and keep the area clean. Safety work apparel, which is also worn on the regular, is also important to clean on a regular basis to keep up with the sweat and grime of the workplace.

Protection against the work environment Safety apparel and uniforms are used for more than just visibility and keeping your employees clothed. They can also help to protect your employees from the dangers of the work environment. For instance, earplugs are a common accessory of safety apparel. This is because when a person hears noises over 85 decibels over a long period of time it can result in hearing loss.

Identification When your employees wear safety apparel, they’re able to easily identify who’s another employee and who it is that may be trespassing or a visitor. This can also help security’s job become far easier.

Protecting your employees is your number one priority. However, it’s also necessary for your workers to understand the importance of their own safety. To increase the protection and cleanliness of your workplace, contact All-County Apparel today.


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