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How to Order the Right T-Shirt Quantity for Your Group

How to Order the Right Sizes for Group T-Shirts

Placing bulk orders for customized t-shirts can be a challenge, especially when you don't know which sizes to order. Whether it's for a giveaway, an event, or a company uniform, everyone likely has different size requirements - and it can be difficult to plan ahead without consulting anyone first. To make sure you get the best out of your t-shirt orders in the future, we've put together a comprehensive guide on average t-shirt sizes. Let us help you calculate your order and ensure that everyone will have the right fit!

Don’t Just Guess Your T-Shirt Order

Don't waste money and storage space by simply guessing your t-shirt order. To ensure that everyone who receives a t-shirt gets the right fit, follow our guide below on the recommended distribution for bulk orders. You'll be able to avoid wastage and make sure you have the right amount of each size. Don't just guess your t-shirt order - let us help you get it right!

The Best T-Shirt Distribution for Large Orders

Are you ordering large t-shirts in bulk? The percentage breakdown of t-shirt sizes can be tricky to figure out - after all, you don't want to end up with too much of one size or too few of another. To help, we've come up with a recommended distribution that is tailored to the average US population. This breakdown should serve as a good place to start for most orders:

  • Extra Small: 1%

  • Small: 10%

  • Medium: 23%

  • Large: 31%

  • Extra Large: 23%

  • 2XL: 9%

  • 3XL: 3%. If your order is for a female audience or event focused on health and wellness, you may need to adjust this split slightly. But for the average order, our guide will have you covered!

T-shirt Size Breakdown Calculator

Fast Facts About T-shirt Sizes

When it comes to ordering t-shirts in bulk, it's important to look at the data. The majority of t-shirts purchased are medium and large, making up 77% of the market. Extra-large is the next biggest category at 18%, followed by small and XXL. In the US population, people tend to be larger, which is why you'll often find 3XL added on orders here. Medium and XL shirts are about as popular as each other in the US, so keep this in mind when you're making your next order - don't just guess!

Things to Keep in Mind With T-Shirt Sizes

There are a few things to keep in mind when ordering t-shirts. Consider the material you're using - will it shrink? If so, you might need to size up and make sure everyone is aware of this. Take into account the fit of the t-shirt too - fitted t-shirts often require sizing up, so take this into account when placing your order. Don't forget to factor in shrinkage as well as desired fit when deciding on sizes!

When putting together a bulk t-shirt order for your company, make sure you keep in mind all the important sizing details. Take into account shrinkage and fit preference when picking out sizes - following our suggested tips will help to ensure that your order won't be stuck in storage for years. If you have any queries or questions about placing an order with us, we're here to guide you through this process - get in touch today to find out more!


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