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Spreading the word about your brand using t-shirts in a multitude of ways is beneficial for large companies and startups alike.

Designing branded shirts is a great way to:

  • Endorse your brands

  • Pique customer interest

  • Build brand loyalty

  • Help your employees stand out and look professional

With that, here are six quick tips for using t-shirts and apparel to promote your business!

1. Print your information large

When your employees are working outside or out in the field, their uniforms are acting as billboards for your business. Outfit your entire staff in custom t-shirts with your memorable company logo, plus your company’s name, website, and phone number in a font large enough to read from a distance. If you run a construction company or landscaping business, up your exposure (and keep your workers safe) with high-vis shirts in bright safety colors. It’s a no-fail way to line up more contract jobs!

2. Use employee uniforms

Staff uniforms ensure that your employees stand out on the job so clients know who to approach with inquiries. You’ll want to outfit your employees in professional staff shirts that endorse your brand—and look great, too! For a sales team, embroidered polos with your logo make a great first impression. Food industry workers will want options to choose from, whether it’s a fitted t-shirt or a custom apron with pockets. If you need construction shirts, don’t forget to order uniforms for all types of conditions—from moisture-wicking t-shirts to embroidered hoodies and beanies for chilly weather. Remember: your company name and logo are powerful branding tools!

3. Company swag for employees

When your team is proud of who they work for, they’ll also love to represent the business after hours in company swag. Stock your employees up with hoodies, hats, tank tops, and shirts with your company logo that they can rock outside of the office. They can show their pride for your brand while they advertise it!

4. Invest in apparel that fits

The best way to sell your business and services is with confident employees, which starts with flattering uniforms that your staff feels great in! Ordering staff shirts isn’t the time to outright choose the cheapest choice; ask for everyone’s sizes ahead of time, and go with softer custom apparel that flatters each person’s figure.

5. Promotional swag at conventions

People love free stuff! Especially free gear that they’ll actually use or wear again. If you’re representing your company at a business convention or expo, hand out promotional merchandise like soft t-shirts, baseball caps, and drawstring bags that are customized with your brand name, logo, and contact info (perhaps in exchange for their info). It’s a great way to get your name out there, start a conversation with prospective clients, and build brand recognition.

6. Be cohesive with your marketing

Every part of your t-shirt design (logo, voice, font, tagline, colors) should match your online identity, billboards, and other promotional materials. Consistency across all channels is most effective for creating an identity people will remember!

If you’re ready to start designing custom shirts for your business, get started by heading to our website to request a quote. Or if you need help with your design or choosing the best apparel, give us a call at (973) 363-3181 and one of our Specialists will walk you through the whole process!


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