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Logo Variations Every Brand Should Have

It's essential to create multiple variations of your company logo brand. Your logo is the main visual representation of your product or service and appears in every form, from physical merchandise to online content.

You can see its effectiveness in renowned logos like those of Nike, Amazon, McDonald’s, Starbucks, FedEx, Sony, Coca-Cola, Apple, and Levi’s – they’re all immediately recognizable.

Making sure that your logo has an instant recognition value is a key factor for successful branding. Therefore, different styles of your logo should be visible on products, packaging, social media accounts, and website.

Three Logo Variations Your Brand Should Have

Your corporate logo should come in at least three variations to ensure that your branding also looks professional when it appears on different mediums. These can range from product packaging, social media accounts, merchandise and websites.

  1. Your primary logo is the main logo used for your company branding. It will contain your business name and be used on all of your major marketing materials, website, and business cards. It should be adapted to fit a variety of mediums such as product packaging, social media accounts, merchandise, and websites.

  2. Your secondary logo is a variation of the primary logo and will still contain your brand name and same visual elements. However, it may be arranged differently and be tailored to fit into a variety of mediums where it can be scaled down or displayed in various ways.

  3. Your submark or icon is a smaller version of your primary logo. It can be used as a watermark, social media icon, or even printed on merchandise. It typically won't include text such as your business name and can be adapted to fit different applications.

How Will My Logo Look on Different Materials?

Wondering how your logo variation branding might look on different products and materials?

Different materials and products can make your logo stand out in different ways. You may want to feature your secondary logo or submark on merch. It all depends on how it's going to appear, so check out our guides to Decoration Methods and Fabrics for more information. That will give you a better idea of which logo variation works best on corporate gifts or other merchandise (such as whether the embroidered or screen-printed version looks best).

Ready to get Started?

Ready to decorate your next logo-branded merch order with the best corporate logo possible? Contact a Project Manager for assistance with logo decoration, uploading your logo, and more. We're ready to help you get the most out of your logo!


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