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Screen Printing vs. Embroidery - Which is More Expensive?

Does Screen Printing Cost More Than Embroidery?

Shopping for custom merchandise can be daunting. Not only do you need to select the right products, but you must also take into account the various customization options all while sticking to a budget. One of the most critical choices is deciding how to add your logo onto your custom corporate apparel.

Two fantastic possibilities for adding logos onto branded merch are embroidery and screen-printing. Both methods can generate superior results, but let’s compare embroidery vs. screen-printing costs so you can determine what will work best for your budget!

Embroidery Benefits

Embroidered logos are crafted using embroidery machines that sew a pattern to your desired item. An embroidered representation adds a 3D texture to your apparel, and it is more robust and resilient to damage than other personalization options. Unlike numerous other decoration processes, embroidery machines can be utilized on items with contours or non-flat surfaces like custom hats or backpacks.

Embroidered logos generally look great on corporate work polos and due to its durability, it is an ideal choice for logo-branded jackets and outerwear. There are plenty of benefits to choosing embroidery but how does it compare with screen printing?

Screen Printing Benefits

Screen printing is a flexible and straightforward decorating technique for logo-branded merchandise. When screen printing, stencils are used to dispense ink directly onto the desired product. Certain decoration methods can't handle complex logos or images with delicate details, however, screen-printing can be utilized to apply almost any image and ink color.

The ink used in screen printing is thicker than typical digital printing, thus making your logo-branded merch more visible and vibrant on darker fabrics or surfaces. Screen printing works well with garments such as custom t-shirts and corporate sporting wear.

When it comes to embroidery vs screen printing costs, screen printing is the more cost-effective option; especially for larger orders. Both decoration techniques have their advantages and both can be used to fit your budget!

If you're looking to determine which decoration method is right for you, make sure to reach out to All-County Apparel today! Our experts are ready to help you find the best products and decoration techniques for your upcoming logo-branded merchandise order.


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