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Sustainable Apparel Brands: Leading the Way in Ethical Fashion

The fashion industry has long been one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution and waste. But there is a growing movement towards sustainability, with more apparel brands focusing on eco-friendly production and manufacturing practices. In this blog post we’ll explore sustainable apparel from Allmade Apparel, District, Patagonia, and Charles River Apparel.

Allmade Apparel

Allmade Apparel is an eco-friendly clothing company that specializes in ethically made T-shirts crafted from recycled materials and fabrics. They use materials like Repreve recycled polyester which is made from recycled plastic bottles. They also use organic combed ringspun cotton for their T-shirts which is grown without any harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Besides offering sustainable fabrics for their apparel, Allmade also works with local manufacturers throughout the US that are certified under WRAP (the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production). Additionally, they donate 1% of all sales back to nonprofit organizations that aim to combat human trafficking and child labor around the world.

District Clothing

District Clothing is another eco-friendly clothing company that offers sustainable apparel like t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, and accessories. Their products are made using sustainable materials such as bamboo fibers which are kinder to the environment than traditional fabrics like cotton. Bamboo requires no chemical fertilizers or pesticides and can grow rapidly without needing much water or land space - making it a great alternative to conventional fabric crops. Besides being sustainable in terms of production methods and materials used in its products; District also focuses on sustainably sourcing these materials by giving preference to domestic suppliers whose operations involve minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, their garments are designed to be durable which reduces waste associated with producing large amounts of short-lived fashion items for each season’s trend cycle.


Patagonia is an outdoor clothing brand well known for its commitment to sustainability in the manufacture of its products as well as corporate responsibility when it comes to its business operations. The company was one of the first major companies to adopt organically grown cotton in 1996 - something now widely adopted by many big brands today due to the advantages this material presents over conventional cotton production techniques in terms of reduced water usage, soil health & air quality. The company uses 100 % organic or recycled fibers & synthetic fibers certified by labels including OEKO Tex & Bluesign System assessed materials. Additionally, they employ Fair Trade-certified manufacturing processes, pay their worker's fair wages & have a 1 % For The Planet program where they donate 1 % of sales revenue across a range of nonprofits working on causes crucial for the appreciation of ecosystems around the world.

Charles River Apparel

Charles River Apparel is an American clothing manufacturer founded in 1983 offering high-performance activewear not only for athletes but also suitable for leisure activities. The company seeks out innovative methods of creating more efficient use of resources with initiatives such as recycling programs, closed-loop production processes involving reclaimed products being used again either within their own factory or sent overseas; product life cycle auditing whereby products are created with longevity & recycling potential taken into account; utilizing organic cotton & other ecologically friendly fabrics; investing heavily into research initiatives dedicated to finding alternatives for petroleum-based chemicals commonly found in synthetic fabrics among other initiatives.


In today's world, sustainability has become a major factor in ethical purchasing decisions. Customers want to ensure that their purchases are not harming the planet or vulnerable populations. Fortunately, top apparel brands such as Allmade Apparel, District Clothing, Patagonia, and Charles River Apparel are leading the way in sustainable fashion initiatives. By choosing to invest in eco-friendly materials and production methods, these companies are proving that style and sustainability can go hand in hand. As a business, you can also join the movement by branding your apparel with All-County Apparel and showcasing your commitment to sustainability. Whether you shop with larger brands or support local boutiques, making ethical and environmental-conscious choices is now more accessible than ever before.


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