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Why a great logo is important!

Logos are something we all encounter multiple times throughout any given day. There are those logos we recognize without any effort, and many of them are associated with a great brand. From our own experience, we understand how much brand awesomeness is tied to a fabulous logo. There’s certain brand chemistry that emanates from a great logo and it is essential to success.

So, what makes a great logo? While there is certainly no magic formula for a perfect logo, there is definitely a set of guidelines that have proven successful time and time again. Whether you are a new company designing your logo for the first time or an established business looking for a revamp, the following tips will help you make informed decisions about your logo design.

Simple. The first significant aspect of a good logo is simplicity. In order to spread brand awareness quickly and efficiently, there needs to be a simple logo that is easily recognizable. This means something different for each company, but make sure to keep it in the forefront of the logo design process.

Unique. We all want to stand out from the crowd, and creating a unique logo is an essential part of making that happen. Start by doing your research. Make sure you are aware of the logos of your competition, companies with similar names, and regional companies in similar industries. Some companies hire branding firms for logo design while others do it in-house, often depending on their available budget. Either way, enlist a team of talented, creative people to facilitate the process.

Perception. How do you want your company to be perceived by the public? What kind of company are you and what values are important to you? Where are you located? What kind of demographic are you targeting? Who is your audience? These are the kind of questions that ought to be answered in the process of designing a logo. Knowing who you are and who you want to reach is key in making a great logo.

Adaptive. Practically speaking, your logo should be able to work well on different mediums and in different sizes. People should also be able to recognize letters and/or shapes in addition to color. Play around with size, colors (black and white), print mediums and digital presence to ensure a clear and adaptable logo. Additionally, the best logos also adapt to different times and places. Will your logo be relevant 5 years from now? 20 years? Aim for a timeless, classic quality to your logo.

Spending time and energy on crafting your company’s logo is well worth it. We see every day how brands are either elevated or brought down by their logo, and how important it is to invest in a quality logo to support your brand. And if you’re interested in putting your fabulous logo on some great products from brands you love, we’re here to assist.


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