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Why Eddie Bauer's Outdoorsy Style is Perfect for Your Active Lifestyle

Eddie Bauer, a household name in outdoor apparel, has a rich history dating back to 1920. Founded in Seattle by Eddie Bauer, an avid outdoorsman, the company began as a sporting goods store with a focus on tennis. A personal brush with hypothermia on a fishing trip sparked a revolution in outdoor wear. Bauer's invention of the down jacket forever changed how people stayed warm in cold weather. Eddie Bauer grew from a single store to a national brand, outfitting expeditions and establishing a reputation for quality and innovation. The company has seen its share of transitions, changing hands a few times over the years. Despite facing challenges and even bankruptcy in the early 2000s, Eddie Bauer has persevered under new ownership. Today, it remains a major player in the outdoor apparel industry, continuing the legacy of its adventurous founder.

Eddie Bauer caters to more than just outdoor enthusiasts. They offer a range of travel and everyday wear, including t-shirts, pants, and wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying clothes for travelers.  The pros of their travel and everyday wear include versatility, allowing you to mix and match for different activities.  Durability is another potential benefit, with some customers finding their clothes hold up well to regular wear. You might also find good deals thanks to frequent sales.  However, there can be inconsistencies in quality compared to their outdoor apparel, with concerns about pilling or seams. The style leans casual, which might not suit everyone's taste, and the selection may be more limited than brands specializing in everyday wear.

Eddie Bauer has carved a niche for itself in the outdoor apparel and gear market. Their reputation precedes them, particularly for their high-quality outerwear. Down jackets, parkas, and various performance wear designed for activities like hiking, camping, and skiing are their bread and butter.  But Eddie Bauer isn't just about reliving past successes.  Their innovative spirit continues to drive them, resulting in features that seamlessly blend comfort and functionality in various weather conditions.  Whether you're facing a biting wind, pouring rain, or scorching sun, Eddie Bauer strives to keep you outfitted for the elements and ensure you can comfortably enjoy your outdoor adventures.

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