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Why Embroidered hats are Right for your Brand.

Hats are one of the cheaper and easier ways to get your brand out to the general public. Whether you have your employees wear them, give them away to your customers, and sell to your clients we believe embroidered hats are a great avenue to showcase your logo or slogan.

Why embroidery and not screen printing?

Simply put embroidery will last longer. The hat styles that have a longer life span can only be customized through embroidery – the fabric and structure do not lend themselves to screen printing. There are options to screen print certain types of hats but if you are looking for getting more out of the money you spend to create a custom hat – embroidery is the way to go.

What styles should I look at?

There are a few different styles to consider when embroidering a hat

  1. Traditional Baseball Hat – with the hook and loop or buckle enclosure. These come in a one size fits all due to the user’s ability to adjust to his/her head

  2. Flexfit – use elastic or mesh fabric to provide a perfect fit based on size, usually S/M and L/XL

  3. Trucker Hat – same enclosures as a traditional baseball hat but has the mesh backing to allow the head to breathe more

  4. Golf Hat – comes in a high performance moisture wicking fabric

  5. Visor – the structure of a baseball cap the enclosure and brim but no top panels

  6. Beanie – with or without a pom these winter hats come in various fabrics, colors and styles

Where can I embroider?

So many places! You can do the traditional route of front and center. Or you can do the current trend design of off centering to the left or right on the front facing panels. Other locations to consider to add more customization to your hat are on the side or the back. For sizing the logo on the front should be no bigger than 5” wide by 2.25” tall and the side should be 3” wide by 2.25” tall. As for the back if you had an enclosure the area is 2.5” wide by 0.75” tall arched over the opening and for a flexfit it is 2.25” wide by 1.5” tall.

Some have asked what about the brim? That is a whole other level of customization and would require a minimum volume ordered as it can only be created during the construction of the hat. All our custom embroidered hats are ordered as finished products with pre-determined fabrics, colors and structure through our numerous suppliers.

What designs look best?

Embroidery will make your logo stand out but as with anything there are limitations. Text lettering should be at least ¼” tall for the best results. If your logo has shadowing or gradients these should be eliminated as they will not transfer well when downsizing to a small area. Fine lines are also difficult to see and will be hard to reproduce. Simplifying is key while still maintaining integrity of design.

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