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level up! with full sublimation apparel

man and woman wearing dye sublimated apparel

Many people ask “What is sublimation printing and why choose to sublimate vs. screenprint” or “what's sublimation? Sublimation is the process of transferring dye to a fabric using heat. The images and graphics are printed on special paper placed on the garment and heat is applied, allowing the ink to become part of the fabric. This will leave you with a more breathable, soft-hand feel to the fabric. The best part is that the numbers, letters, and graphics do not peel, wear off, or come out in the wash!


  • Unlimited colors with no added cost.

  • Produces vibrant colors, making it perfect for photographic images.

  • Ability to create complex all-over print designs on the front and back of your sublimated uniforms.

  • You can’t feel the print at all, it gives the fabric a soft feel.

  • Sublimation print will not crack, peel, or fade.

  • Enhance your garment by adding a heat transfer such as rhinestones, hot fix glitter, or foil.

  • Sublimation printing never goes out of style. Because sublimated uniforms are custom made, there is no need to worry about a uniform being discontinued next season. It is also easy to reorder one from us in the future as we keep your design on file.


Cut and sew sublimation is a high-fashion garment printing process, yielding beautiful full-color designs — and the only limitation is your budget.

  • Cut and sew sublimation printing is done on unassembled pieces of fabric.

  • Cut and sew sublimation avoids many of the limitations (creasing, blurring) of blank apparel sublimation.

  • Cut and sew sublimation has a longer turn-around time.


Blank apparel sublimation is an economic garment printing process, yielding beautiful full-color designs with some limitations, including blurring and creasing.

  • Blank apparel sublimation printing is done on an assembled, complete garment (e.g., a t-shirt or hoodie).

  • Blank apparel sublimation has limitations, including creasing, blurring, and areas that will not print.

  • Blank apparel sublimation printing has a faster turn-around time.

full sublimated gaming jerseys

Sublimation vs Screen Printing

  • Print Runs – Sublimation printing does have high set-up costs, initially. Whereas screen printing has high set-up costs every time. Once you’ve made the initial outlay, dye-sub is more cost-effective for small runs. It doesn’t struggle with bigger print runs either.

  • Details – Screenprint produces sharp edges but due to the digital methods that sublimation printing uses, the level of detail is so intricate. Not only can you print in photographic quality, but the detail is so outstanding you can even show brushstrokes.

  • Colors – Dye-sub can print any number of colors in one swoop, however, it is limited to the colors you can create on a computer. Fortunately, this is a LOT of colors. Screen printing limits you to one at a time and using multiple colors can cause bleeding or alignment issues, but you can mix up any color you like.

  • Longevity – Screen printing sits on the surface of the material it is printed on, whereas dye-sub penetrates deep into the fibers. This means that sublimation printing is extremely fade-resistant. It will likely outlive most, if not all, other print methods.

All-County Apparel is specialized in the manufacture and supply of custom sublimated esports jerseys, sports jerseys, and any form of private label / retail apparel. From our range of custom jerseys, we can customize any type from short sleeve and long sleeves polos, custom hoodies, custom jackets, and short sleeve and long gaming jerseys. All-County Apparel manufactures custom esports jerseys and apparel with professional quality. Your full sublimated apparel is produced according to your exact specifications including your designs, logos, sizes, styles, and labels.

Contact us today to get your full custom dye sublimation order started today!


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