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Corporate apparel for the younger generations

With Generation Z now entering the workforce in sizable numbers, we are shifting the national conversation from a longtime focus on Millennials. Gen Z generally refers to people born between the early 1990s and the mid-2000s, putting the oldest folks in this group in their late 20s. For a size comparison, it is estimated that 1 in 4 Americans fall in Gen Z, making them the third largest age group, behind Millennials and Gen X. Now that this cohort is joining the workforce, we must evaluate corporate gifts, custom apparel, and incentives and learn what motivates and interests them. When done correctly with this group, you can use custom company apparel as a recruiting tool, a way to build your brand internally, and a technique to establish company loyalty.

A large portion of our employees here at All-County Apparel are recent college grads, so we have a front row seat to the ideas and preferences of Gen Z. We can directly tap into corporate apparel and gift trends just by seeing what our own employees wear and use around the office. Just a few of our office favorites are the following:

Charles River Heathered Fleece Pullover

These 1/4" zip pullovers are a great options for keeping warm in and out of the office, with a Patagonia look, feel, and quantity, but a fraction of the cost! The Heathered Fleece Pullover is the perfect mix between comfortable and professional, and can help brand your business perfectly, and appeal to the younger generations! Adding your logo on the left chest helps promote your business and allows your employees to wear it with company pride!

Charles River Quarter Zip Heather Fleece

Another great option from Charles River, offering a similar style to those offered by Patagonia! This Heathered Fleece 1/4" Zip is the perfect a great option to offer your employees and can help brand your business perfectly, and appeal to Gen-Z and Millenials! Adding your logo on the left chest or sleeve allows your employees to show off your logo and show their pride in their job! It's a great option for a casual corporate environment!

Charles River Fleece Full Zip

A great full zip option to have for your employees is this great Charles River Heathered Fleece Jacket! It's lightweight, but warm! It's also right on track with everything the younger generation is looking to wear to work! Keeping it casual but also looking professional is their goal, and with this, your brand will look great!

Ogio Caliber 2.0 Polo

A great option for everyday apparel around the office is a polo shirt! Ogio has a huge selection of colors and fabric blends, that feel awesome, and look great too! A polo helps keep your staff casual, comfortable, and professional at the same time! And, you have your logo front and center, showing off your brand!


Ogio Rockwell Pack

If your employees are traveling, or just bringing their belongings to and from the office, this backpack is a great on-boarding gift! With plenty of room for their laptop and other materials, they'll be happy to have the perfect bag, especially since it's branded and shows support for their employer!

Our job at All-County Apparel is to make your custom logo branding and company apparel as effortless as possible, no matter the age and profile of your recipients. If you want more information on Corporate Apparel, check out our website, or feel free to Get A Quote! Don’t be afraid to use us as a resource to help you manage corporate gifting for your workforce and clientele. We're also happy to help with whatever company swag you want for your employees! That’s what we’re here for!


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